As recent as 30 years ago, all surgery was performed in hospitals. While a hospital is ideal for complex cases requiring intensive care units, most surgery is related to minor healthcare problems.

Because a hospital will naturally focus its resources and attention on the complex case, the patient with a simple surgery can be forced to endure long waits for access to an operating room, extensive red tape related to admitting procedures, and have an expensive overnight stay when they could be sleeping more comfortably in their own bed at home.

Physicians have long recognized that simple surgical cases need a separate high quality environment that caters to these specific patients and aims for higher patient satisfaction. Accordingly, in 1970, the first Ambulatory Surgery Center (ASC) opened. Now the trend is for most simple surgeries to be performed in ASCs. Each year, eight million Americans have surgery in an ASC rather than a hospital.

Physicians perform state-of-the-art minimally invasive surgery at High Plains Surgery Center to help patients recover in a shorter period of time and in the comfort of their own home.

These physicians are affiliated with High Plains Surgery Center:

Ear, Nose & Throat

Mike Martin, MD – Doc Martin’s

John Romano, MD – Wyoming ENT & Allergy

Paul Johnson, MD – Ivinson Medical Group

Martha Silver, MD – Wyoming ENT & Allergy


Rick Roper, DPM – Associated Podiatrists

Timothy Fisher, DPM – Advanced Foot Care


Douglas Schmitz, MD – University of Wyoming Family Medicine 

General Surgery

Lawrence O’Holleran, MD

Lisa Burton, MD – Consultants in Surgery

Take Pullos, MD – Consultants in Surgery

Douglas Schmitz, MD – Consultants in Surgery

Jeremy Gates, MD – Consultants in Surgery


Janet Anderson, MD – Cheyenne Women’s Clinic P.C.

Jacques Beveridge, MD – Cheyenne Women’s Clinic P.C.

Rene Hinkle, MD – Cheyenne Women’s Clinic P.C.

Jeffrey Storey, MD – Cheyenne Women’s Clinic P.C.

David Lind, MD – Cheyenne OBGYN

Michael Nelson, DO – Cheyenne OBGYN

Bert Wagner, MD – Cheyenne OBGYN


Bruce Smith, MD – Wyoming Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

John Winter, MD – Wyoming Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Bret Winter, MD – Wyoming Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Michael Shannon, MD – Wyoming Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Jean Basta, MD – Cheyenne Orthopedics

Richard Torkelson, MD – Cheyenne Orthopedics

Andrew Stith, MD – Wyoming Orthopedics & Sports Medicine

Pain Management

George Girardi, MD – Front Range Pain Medicine

Michael Brown, DO – Front Range Pain Medicine

Matthew Pouliot, DO – Front Range Pain Medicine

Ronald Stevens, MD

Harlan Ribnik, MD – Pain Consultants of the Rockies

Thor Hallingbye, MD – Cheyenne Regional Medical Specialty Clinic

Natalie Winter, MD – Cheyenne Regional Medical Specialty Clinic

Pediatric Dentistry

Matthew Henry, DDS – Pediatric Dentistry

Luke Milmont, DMD – Pediatric Dentistry

Jay Cole, DDS – Smile Academy


Steven Beer, MD – Wyoming Spine & Neurosurgery Associates, LLC


John Bryant, MD – Cheyenne Urological

Timothy Gajewski, MD – Cheyenne Urological

High Plains Surgery Center is privately owned by these physicians and entities:

  • Janet Anderson, MD
  • Jean Basta, MD
  • Steve Beer, MD
  • Jacques Beveridge, MD
  • Philip Brenchley, MD
  • Michael Brown, DO
  • John Bryant, MD
  • Lisa Burton, MD
  • Jay Cole, DDS
  • Jeremy Gates, MD
  • George Girardi, MD
  • Matthew Henry, DDS
  • Rene Hinkle, MD
  • Paul Johnson, MD
  • Ron LeBeaumont, MD
  • David Lind, MD
  • Michael Martin, MD
  • Bruce Milmont, MD
  • Luke Milmont, DMD
  • Michael Nelson, DO
  • Larry O’Holleran, MD
  • Matthew Pouliot, DO
  • Take Pullos, MD
  • Harlan Ribnik, MD
  • John Romano, MD
  • Stan Sandick, MD
  • Doug Schmitz, MD
  • Mike Shannon, MD
  • Martha Silver, MD
  • Reuben Smits, MD
  • Ron Stevens, MD
  • Jeff Storey, MD
  • Bret Winter, MD
  • Cheyenne Regional Medical Center
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